Dog Shampoo

Silky Touch Pet Shampoo


Why this dog shampoo?

1. We do not harm your pet. We are eco-conscious, Organic minded and environmentally friendly.

We use ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS:  Silky Touch Pet Shampoo is made with mild plant ingredients which have no toxic chemicals or ingredients that can harm your pets.

2.  We save you money! 

Do not buy multiple products. This shampoo is a 5 in 1 Shampoo. Silky Touch Pet Shampoo CLEANS, MOISTURIZES, CONDITIONS, DEODORIZES and DETANGLES..GIVE YOUR PETS A GREAT SHINE – SMOOTH & SOFT to TOUCH: 

3. We care! 

We do not use harmful ingredients. EXCELLENT FOR YOUR PUPPIES OR KITTENS: As mentioned above, some shampoos have chemicals that are dangerous for your pets.

4. We are made in the USA:

We manufacture right here in the USA ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained. Our number 1 objective is your satisfaction.

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