Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos 

Our review and what was revealed.

Amazon – The Largest Retailer in the World!

To find out about the Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos we used the Amazon marketplace.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is currently one of the largest retailers in the world and its sales confirm that. Just for your information, based on its latest quarterly report, the net sales for the last three months of 2016 increased by 22% to $43.7 billion compared to $35.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Additionally, the total net sales for the whole of 2016 increased by 27% from $107.0 billion in 2015 to $136.0 billion. Further, for the first three months of 2017, Amazon projects its net sales to be between $33.25 billion and $35.75 billion, or a growth of between 14% and 23% compared with the first quarter 2016. This is evidence of its outstanding growth.(see note 1)

The chart further on below shows you how Amazon sales have been increasing since 2011. Amazon has seen a 182% increase in sales from 2011 to 2016. This is amazing! No wonder, Jeff Bezos once gave the quote below and there is no doubt, Amazon has many invited guests…

 Mr. Jeff Bezos (Founder, Amazon)

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of customer experience a little bit better.”

Amazon Sales

Our Approach

Given Amazon’s dominance, we decided to pick the top 25 Cat shampoos and top 25 Dog shampoos on the Amazon platform. We used Amazon Sales Ranks for each product and we picked the leading shampoos based on the search terms.

Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos - Our Findings



Some Ingredients are prevalent in most shampoos and some despite doctors’ advice.

2.   PRICES:                 

Prices vary based on different factors.


Common vitamins in the shampoos.

4.    SIZES:                    

Sizes that are most common.

5.   REVIEWS:             

Some interesting reviews.

6.   QUESTIONS:        

Most frequent hquestions asked in the reviews.

7.   IMPORTANT for You:

Subtle differences that are easy for Consumers to miss.

1: Ingredients

All shampoos are not the same. Indeed, an analysis of the top 25 Cat and Dog shampoos revealed that different ingredients are being used in different shampoos, some even against veterinary advice.

Our findings revealed the following:

       Ingredient                          %

  1. Oatmeal (Oats)            17%
  2. Aloe Vera                       17%
  3. Coconut (Oils)                 7%
  4. Chlorhexidine                 6%
  5. Honey (Extracts)             4%
  6. Chamomile                       3%
  7. Others (1-2% each)      46% 

Oats (Oatmeal)

In general, Oats are considered high in:

  • Protein (Wild oats are known to contain over 27%).
  • Soluble fiber
  • Levels of iron, manganese, zinc, and Vitamin B

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Karen Becker state the following: -

“From the wide variety of commercial pet shampoos available, choose as you do for yourself, trying to avoid toxic ingredients.

Also avoid shampoos that include oatmeal. Oatmeal has a great reputation as a soothing ingredient, but in animals that have a problem with grain (which is 80 percent plus of allergic dogs!) they are likely to have problems with oatmeal shampoos. Grain-based shampoos may also provide a carbohydrate food source for unwanted yeast and bacteria. The only pets that truly benefit from oatmeal shampoos are those that have poison oak or poison ivy reactions.” (note 2)

Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its medicinal and healing properties. It is a thick, short-stemmed plant that stores water in its leaves and is widely used in many beauty products. 

In some instances, according  to, Aloe Vera has also been used by human beings for sensitive skin and as an option to alleviate the pain of rashes and scratches.

According to Mr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM, in his book The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, “acemannan, a polysaccharide immune stimulant found in aloe vera, may be helpful for pets with allergies, skin infections, and other diseases, including cancer, that suppress the immune system. Acemannan is approved for use as part of the therapy for treating fibrosarcoma tumors in pets.”

Apart from Oats, Aloe Vera, Coconut and Chlorhexidine, there are other ingredients used in pet shampoos. The list is quite long to detail it here but should you desire it you may fill the form at the bottom of this page.(for the list of other ingredients)

Research showed that the ingredients used in the top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos were quite diverse and it seemed as if the various shampoos are segmentally produced to appeal to given niches and needs rather than a broad range of needs. One would have to do due diligence before buying a shampoo and indeed no one should use a particular shampoo just because a friend or a neighbor is using it. Different cats and dogs may be better suited to different shampoos and it might be useful to try out a few in order to determine which is best for your pet.

2. Prices

In reviewing the Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos we discovered the following about the prices:

The Range

The prices ranged from as low as $5.75 shampoos to as high as $25.86.

The Average Price

The average price, without taking into consideration the size of the shampoo bottles, was $12.56.

The $15 Price Mark

44% of the prices were above the $15.00 mark.


There was no clear correlation between price and ounce per bottle.


A review of the Top 25 Cat and Dog shampoos revealed so many variations with respect to the vitamins used in shampoos. We only picked up the data where it was clearly indicated on the bottle or the listing on Amazon.

Our findings revealed the following prevalent Vitamins:

Vitamin                                  %

1.    Vitamin A                        35.7%

2.    Vitamin B 5                      14.3%

3.    Vitamin D                        14.3%

4.    Vitamin D3                      21.4%

5.    Vitamin E                        14.3%

Vitamin A at 35.7% followed by Vitamin D 3 were the most commonly identified.

Vitamin A

Dr. Christopher Sherwin, PhD of Next Gen Dog mentions  the following  with respect to Vitamin A. (note 3)

  1. Vitamin A helps your dog with vision (particularly night vision). Also, Vitamin A helps your dog with skin and coat condition, tissue growth and health, tooth and skeletal development and reproduction processes.
  2. For puppies, vitamin A is of importance since the lack of vitamin A in puppies can cause retarded growth rates, weakness in the muscle, vision problems, a poor coat condition, skeletal and nervous disorders such as hydrocephalus and cleft palate.
  3. Female dogs will not ovulate properly and males can become sterile if they are deficient in vitamin A.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D studies have been done in humans and a few of the common benefits of vitamin D3 are listed below:-

1.  Bone health

  • Vitamin D3 helps in strengthening bones.
  • Vitamin D3 intake also helps enhance the density and strength to the skeletal system and teeth.

2.  Insulin control

  • Vitamin D3 stimulates the pancreas and triggers the process to make insulin.
  • Vitamin D3 is also vital in managing blood sugar levels and hence diabetes control.

3.  Possible cancer prevention

According to Research done by the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston 4, some evidence supports the idea that increased vitamin D3 can help slow the progression of prostate tumors.

Reasons why the various vitamins are used in pets are diverse and can only be understood by the manufacturers but as shown above, some of these could be the reasons why manufacturers include these vitamins in the shampoos.


A review of the Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos revealed the following about the sizes of the bottles used.

The Range

The sizes ranged from as low as 12oz to as high as 32oz.

The Average Size

The average size  of the shampoo bottles was 16.16 oz.

The Average Per Ounce Price

The overall average per ounce price was $0.78. The average per ounce price for the shampoos selling $14 and above was $1.10 per ounce.


As mentioned above, after a review of the top 25 Cat and Dog shampoos, there seems to exist no clear correlation between price charged and ounce per bottle. This we believe is a good indicator, other factors being equal, when gauging the fairness of the price.


From the Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos, we picked five reviews that we thought were worth mentioning.

We mostly looked at the negative reviews that people left.

a.     One sad comment was, “the ingredients list does not match what is advertised”. In this case, we recommend that before you buy the shampoo, look carefully at the picture of the bottle on the product listing which clearly shows the ingredients contained in the shampoo.

b.    Another comment was, “The product works to resolve my puppies skin issue, she is not itching as frequently as she was just a few days ago, but when I use this product she gets a horrible case of diarrhea.” If this is the case, we recommend that you use a plant based shampoo and if it persists, get vet advice.

c.     Yet another comment was, “The smell is too strong and has an unpleasant artificial cherry candy scent. My cat doesn't need to smell like a lollipop.” Here we also recommend that you look at customer comments before you buy the shampoo.

d.    One other comment was, “Unfortunately our dog had an allergic reaction to the shampoo. She itched herself raw and broke out in hives.” To this, we recommend that you read some of the reviews, especially the one star and two star reviews before you buy the shampoo.

e.     A final comment was “Smells great but made my dog's skin extremely itchy. Can't use it.”. To this, we recommend that you immediately stop using the shampoo and get your vet’s advice before you buy your next shampoo.


A review of the Top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos found some frequently asked questions. We have set below the five questions that are commonly asked.   

  1. Is this harmful if it gets into the eyes of my cat or dog?
  2. Is this a soap-free product? 
  3. How often should this be used?
  4. Can I use human shampoo on my cat or dog?
  5. Do we need to use a conditioner after using this shampoo?           


From the foregoing, and after reviewing the top 25 Cat and Dog Shampoos, it is clear that all shampoos are not equal. Although there are many options on the market, before buying a Cat or Dog shampoo, we believe that there are certain vital things you need to consider.

a.     One vital consideration should be the size of the shampoo bottle. Are you getting your money’s worth? From our analysis of the sizes of the bottles in the section 4 titled “Sizes”, you can use the $1.10 per ounce average when you are gauging the prices of the shampoos.

b.    Some shampoos are described as 2 in 1, others 3 in 1 while some are even 5 in 1. In other words, the shampoo serves more than one purpose. Shampoos that offer fewer inbuilt purposes should naturally cost less.

c.     It is vital to read about the ingredients of the shampoo you want to buy. Ingredients are important and some may have side effects on your pet.

d.    Do not read only the beautiful five star reviews. Look at the negative reviews too and where there are several consistent negative remarks, you will do well to avoid such shampoos.

e.     Many of the shampoos have great frequently asked questions that have been answered and which can be a great resource to help you make your decision.

It is our hope that this report helps you in your journey to choose the best shampoo for your cat or dog.

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