The Retail Component

Welcome to our retail section.

Is your problem enhancing your sales, navigating the complex eCommerce world and maintaining the integrity of your brand both online and offline? Then you are at the right place. 

Chebs Inc. is always looking for partners all over the world with which to work together in order to bring goods to the market place. Whether you are located within the USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world, we are open to discuss and review proposals.

We also help Brands enhance their presence on the marketplace. We help them grab more of the market share but employing various strategies that enhance sales.

We are open to working with you. Some statistics below have been amazing?

eCommerce Business is growing exponentially! - Are you missing out?

Note the following statistics...


  • Worldwide Retail e-commerce Sales Will Reach $1.915 Trillion This Year and double-digit growth will continue through 2020, when sales will top $4 trillion (source emarketer)


  • E-commerce as percentage of total retail sales in Canada from 2013 to 2019
  • (Expected retail ecommerce growth is expected to grow from $18 billion in 2012 to $50 billion in 2019)

United States

  • 3.Expected retail ecommerce growth in the US is expected to grow from $260 billion in 2013 to $684 billion in 2020.


  • Last year (2015), Amazon made sales of $170 billion. This is a large share of the eCommerce sales. Any company not fully utilizing this platform is leaving too much on the table. We help companies at no cost to them, to be able to compete effectively on this platform.
  • According to a survey by the financial research firm Mizuho, Amazon users spend about $157 a month on average, up from $130 a month in November 2015. In comparison, Walmart's shoppers average spend dropped from $30 a month to $27 a month, according to the survey.

Currently, our retail marketplace of choice is:

  1. North America 
  2. Mexico
  3. Europe

We have ventures in the following categories:

  1. Sports
  2. Leisure
  3.  Accessories

Featured retail partners:-

1. ASAKI - Tools

2. Silky Touch Pet Shampoo

3.  Top 7 Natural Pet Shampoos

4. Picnic Bag for 2 

5. Bag for Gilrs