Re-engineering and Evaluation Services Component

Welcome to our re-engineering and evaluation services section.

Chebs Inc. has the capacity to assist your firm/organization or business to undertake a re-engineering exercise. We can perform evaluation of projects or programs that you have undertaken in order make an assessment to evaluate your achievement and make recommendations. 

Should you wish to have your activities, projects or a funded program monitored we are open to discuss in order to determine whether this is something that Chebs Inc. can do for you.

The following video has good thoughts that can be valuable as you enhance the value of that which you do.

Many governments fund programs and projects and require that they be well monitored to ensure that the resources are properly utilized. Resources are sometimes spent on needs that are legitimate but not necessarily needed. Chebs Inc. will assist you in ensuring that the project or program progresses as it should.

We have staff with experience of having worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America.