Buyer beware: You might be killing your pet without realizing it.                                           

What manufacturers of pet shampoos do not disclose about their shampoos which you might be using for your pet.

Edited 8 February, 2018

Fairview, NJ    Discover some truths about some of the shampoos on the market some of which you might already be using on your pets.

Hair Loss

Imagine waking up one morning and finding that your dog has lost its once beautiful coat of hair. All you see is the raw skin on your dog’s back and hair all over the floor and furniture. Naturally, you are disturbed and cannot understand the reason for this dramatic hair loss.

Dogs are easily affected by allergies but shampoo manufacturer hardly ever mention that some of the ingredients in their shampoos are the cause of these allergies. One only finds out when it is too late.

Listen to what a couple of buyers of some of these shampoos have to say:…

By Annette  - Her itching is driving me crazy”

“My dog now sheds a lot more and is now scratching herself every hour, after I used this …shampoo, …conditioner. I think it dried her skin out!  … vacuuming every other day and her itching, is driving me crazy. Further her fur was dull looking after the bath, and normally she has a shiny coat.”

Another reviewer says this…"I hate myself for buying this product”

This product is horrible. At first use, I noticed a difference-- Rocky didn't shed as much; however, days after using both the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed patches of fur falling off-- Now he has bald spots in random places. I also noticed this product has made Rocky's skin dry and itchy! I hate myself for buying this product!Had to toss both the shampoo and conditioner in the trash can...”

Dr. Becker advocates a no grain shampoo (no Oatmeal) but then in our research of the Top 25 Dog and Cat shampoos we found that this was not clearly spelt out and additionally, in some instances, it was even advertised as being good and beneficial. This is sad! The effects may not be evident immediately but will be seen sooner than later.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) site also has a recall from Bakery Express having their products that had Oatmeals as an ingredient identified as a cause of allergy.

You should therefore be careful with grain based shampoos as some can result in your pet having allergies.


Your dog may be suffering from itchiness (itchy skin).

Even though in a few cases some allergies are inherited, some of the shampoos instantly cause the dog to start itching…listen to another review on Amazon

By  James   " He was scratching everywhere immediately”

“This did not work for us and had a bad reaction to my dog. … recently I noticed he was itching his legs so I decided to try a different shampoo and bought this one. However, after the first bath he was scratching everywhere immediately after the bath for two days. I then bathed him again and same reaction. My lab has an allergy to the ingredient to make him itch all over. Maybe it's the almond? I don't know. I can't find the contact information for company. I do not recommend as safe for use for all dogs.”

Fala wrote the following on Amazon... “It gave her horrendous hot spots on her previously perfect skin”

“I'm sad to write a bad review for this product because it smells wonderful and made my dog's hair quite shiny, but it gave her horrendous hot spots on her previously perfect skin and coat. As soon as I switched to a different shampoo, the hot spots cleared up and healed. There were no changes in diets or anything else that could have caused the hot spots, and she is treated for ticks/flees/etc., so it was definitely the shampoo. I don't know what in the product caused this reaction, but buyer beware, in case it's not some random ingredient she's allergic to - it might happen to your pup too.”

Some manufacturers also use chemicals in their shampoo which they do not disclose. These chemicals may give the shampoo an attractive smell but at the same time they may be toxic and therefore harmful to your pet..

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Karen Becker state the following: -

“From the wide variety of commercial pet shampoos available, choose as you do for yourself, trying to avoid toxic ingredients”

It is important to check out for added dyes or colorants: synthetic color additives for cosmetics are considered linked to cancers. Watch out for these markings:

  1. D&C Blue No. 1,2,4,
  2. D&C Yellow No. 3,5,6,8,
  3. CI 1940 Green 1,2,3;
  4. Red 4,9,17,19,22,33,40; 

Some of these are made from coal tar which is recognized as a carcinogen. It is also advisable to avoid brightly colored liquids. These natural colors in chemical free shampoos usually range from an opaque white to a light yellow.

What you have to do…

We recommend shampoos manufactured from natural ingredients. Natural shampoos are great. A leading manufacturer of a natural shampoo (who also manufactures Silky Touch Pet Shampoo) stated the following…

“The key difference in our formulations and the industry standard grooming products is that our ingredients are derived from natural sources. In contrast, most industry standard pet shampoos are cheap synthetics that dry out the pet’s skin and cause more harm than good. Some of these synthetic shampoo formulas may add a few “natural ingredients”, such as aloe, oatmeal, or other, to try and hide behind those ingredients and claim that they have a “natural shampoo”.  But that is just not true. Those ingredients are usually added at less than 1% or 2% of the overall formula.  In great contrast, our complete pet wash is approximately 96% plant-based, naturally-derived from coconut and palm.”

The key is to check the ingredients used in making the shampoo you are using so as to avoid harming  your pet unknowingly. Alternatively, why not make a shift to natural shampoos. That is the safest choice you can make.

  • Chester Gimwei
  • Investigative Writer
  • Chebs Inc. 
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