How to clean a Cat’s ears 

How do you clean cat's ears?

It is important for Cat owners to know how to clean a cat’s ears. This is so because, a Cat normally cleans itself in many parts but has a challenge cleaning its own ears. Many of the cat owner constantly ask, “How do you clean cat's ears?”. This is a vital question so as to avoid cats having ear mites. It is therefore vital for all cat owners to routinely examine her ears to clear them removing all the dirt and wax. This will help keep off infections. We strongly believe that the best way to get rid of ear mites in cats is a regular clean. This prevents the mites from having a comfortable place to abide.

The ear wash for cats can be done in the following manner: -

 1.     Get all your materials ready

  • An ear cleaner 
  • Cotton wool balls
  • A Towel
  • Lukewarm water

Do not use Q-tips or cotton swabs that have a similar texture. It is important to note that such cotton swabs can easily rapture a cat's fragile eardrums; something you do not want to do. It is advisable that you use a clean cotton ball (see samples…Wipes), dampen it with a small amount of the ear cleaner (Such as…Cleansers).

2.     Get a comfortable place where you can place the cat. A slightly raised table is preferable. If your cat is the aggressive style get an assistant to help you but remember not to be very aggressive with the cat. 

3.     The first step is for you hold the tip of the ear between your thumb and forefinger and the slowly and gently fold it back so that you can be able to see the inside of the ear. Again, we emphasize, be as gentle as possible and if the cat is overly aggressive you may reconsider doing it and rather taking it to the vet.

4.     What you need to examine is the if there is any redness or any discharge. Generally, a light brown wax is a normal but when you notice black or red discharges these are a sign of infections and should be treated.

5.     Softly and gently wipe the inside of the ear using a damp cotton wool ball or ear wipes.

Massage the base of the cat's ear 

6.     In case you notice that the ear has too much wax in it, you may need to gently drip some of the ear cleaner into the ear. You will then need to massage the base of the ear to enable the ear cleaner reach the vital areas.

7.     Finally, use the ear wipes and cotton to clean the inside of the ear so that it does not have any of the liquid in.

8.     As we always do advise, seek veterinary help if you notice any unusual thing or behavior on your cat. If you notice that the cat ears continue to be itchy or stink then consult a vet. The idea is, be observant.

Wishing You All The Best

See a video on how to clean a cat's ears

Cat Ear mite treatment

Cat ear mite treatment or prevention is a result of regularly cleaning your cat's ears. The cure for ear mites, if constant cleaning is not helping is a vet visit for further checkup. In some instances, treating ear mites in cats may be achieved by use of some of the medication mentioned below.

Symptoms of ear mites in cats

  1. ·         You will notice the cat constantly  scratching and rubbing it’s ears.
  2. ·         The cat will be shaking it’s head constantly
  3. ·         In some instances you will notice hair loss
  4. ·         A lot of wax being secreted.
  5. ·         In other instances, there will be a strong odor.
  6. ·         You will also notice in some instances an inflammation of the ear with the cat                   constantly scrabbing the area.
  7. ·         Serious cases may have an obstruction of ear canal with debris.

Ear mite medicine for cats

Feline ear mites or even ear mite treatment for kittens can best be guided by a vet. However off the shelf medicine is available that can be a solution for the ear mites in cats. What kills ear mites in cats? The medicine and regular washing of the cat ears.

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