Can I use baby shampoo on my Kitten?

Can I use baby shampoo on my Kitten? Is a question that is often asked by many kitten owners.

Some vital things to consider are:-

1.     Some shampoos, especially those with chemicals can harm your kitten in one way or another, especially in the eyes. Some of the cat shampoos that have ingredients that are not natural or organic can lead to damage  of the eyes, especially the cornea and retna.

2.     This is the reason why you find some kitten owners turning to baby shampoo. One should be warned though, even though baby shampoo is made with less abrasive soap, some of the oils in the baby shampoo may not be good. It is an option but it is not advisable.

3.     Ensuring that the kitten is well rinsed is vital so that any chemical do not enter into the eyes of the kitten. Some cats like to like to scratch their face with their paws, please do ensure that this does not happen while the shampoo is still on the kitten.

4.     In case you see uncommon behaviors, take the cat to the vet. Sometimes the vet would need to give the kitten some antibiotic to get the infection removed.

5.     Some people mention that baby soap is good for use. However, the vital point is to ensure that the shampoo you use has no chemicals as this may end up damaging the fur and skin. This is important because Cats are known to generally clean themselves using their tongues; during this action, if the shampoo has chemicals, the cats can easily strip themselves of their fur of important oils. 

6.     To conclude then, to answer the question - Can I use baby shampoo on my kitten? One would say be cautious – it may work for some but may not work for others.

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Can I bathe my cat with Johnson's baby shampoo?

The other question that is often asked is, "Can I bathe my cat with Johnson's baby shampoo?"  

The truth is, Johnson baby shampoo is not meant for kittens.We however would say:-

1.       Do read what we have written above with respect to the question - Can I use Johnson’s baby shampoo on my Kitten?  

2.       When you are choosing a baby shampoo to use, you should ensure that it is not a scented one and one that is not antibacterial or one used for fleas and again it should not be a very concentrated shampoo. This is why people gravitate to Johnson’s baby shampoo.

3.       Our advice is that when using shampoos that are not specific for cats, do not use them often as they can end up having an adverse effect on the skin and in some cases, can cause the skin to dry.

4.       Many people who ask the question Can I use baby shampoo on my Kitten?  are in a situation where the kitten is dirty and they do not have any shampoo at home. We advise that you take good precaution as some cats do not like to be bathed especially if they have not been used to it since they were young.

5.       We recommend the use of an all natural ingredients shampoo (Silky Touch Pet Shampoo) for your cat however, if it’s an emergency when you do not have a shampoo in the house, the Johnson’s baby shampoo can be used once in a while.

What shampoo to use if you have fleas on baby kittens. 

When you have fleas on baby kittens we advocate that you visit your vet for advice. This is because some of the shampoos are too concentrated and some  have chemicals that can have adverse side effects on the kittens. The flea treatment is normally prevalent at times for kittens between 6 weeks and 8 weeks.

 Does dawn dish wash soap kill fleas?

Again, in answer to this question, Does dawn dish wash soap kill fleas?, we advocate using the correct shampoo for your kittens to avoid complications. We have seen dawn soap mentioned on TV on how they used it to clean birds that were affected by the oil spill. For a short term solution, it may be okay but remember that the strong chemicals can have an effect on the kittens.

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