We are glad that you have come on our site. Below is a short description of what Chebs Inc. is all about.

Chebs Inc. was incorporated over 10 years ago in New Jersey, USA. It has since expanded to Canada and we plan to have more offices world-wide.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer added value to our partners as they achieve their objectives. We look for those partnerships that offer synergistic value.

In broad terms, these are the key macro activity spheres :-

  1.        Products - Brand Integrity
  2.        Process Integrity
  3.        Project – Implementation and Outcome integrity
  4.        Creations & Inventions Integrity

Products - Brand Integrity

On the retail and industrial front, our goal is simply to help brand owners and manufactures from

  •        Brand dilution
  •        Price integrity and strategies to uphold MAP
  •        Enlarging the markets and the reach of their brands

Process Integrity

Our approach in helping companies uphold process is with guidance in the areas of supply chain with the aim of eliminating redundancies leading to a translation in increased profits.

Project – Implementation and Outcome integrity

Monitoring and Evaluation of ongoing and completed projects are key factors that will ensure organizations and fund recipients remain in good standing. We focus on ensuring this is upheld ensuring good relationships between funding organizations and those that receive the grants or funds.

Creations & Inventions Integrity

Our approach in these sphere involves helping  individuals and companies in the area of creations integrity.

We therefore currently are focused in the four specific areas:

  1. Retail Component
  2. Re-engineering and evaluation Component
  3. Creations Component
  4. Industrial Component

We hope to be able to expand into other areas in the future.

It is important to note that the partnerships entered into are not limited to one part of the supply chain but the whole.

Take a look at the different components and do not hesitate to contact us at should you need further information.

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